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Waldo's ownership is a partnership between SixtyWest and Lucror Resources. SixtyWest leverages its 60 years of tax experience and expertise to maximize client's investments and enrich the experience in compliant tax alternatives. Lucror Resources is a real estate private equity firm focused on the acquisition and development of urban assets and leveraging 20 years of international real estate development experience.

Investment Strategy

Unlike other ownership groups who develop, lease and sell, Lucror Resources will develop, lease and hold this asset long term while fostering long term tenant relationships over their whole ownership period. 

SC_stock image.JPG
SC_stock image.JPG

Community Manager

Waldo's will have a dedicated Community Manager who will provide hands on and on-site service, develop relationships with each tenant, and plan regular tenant appreciation events and activities.


Create a welcoming, exciting, and sustainable mass timber office environment where employees want to come to work. With 3 different work spaces and multiple collaboration areas, Waldo's provides tenants with the option of a traditional work floor, living room, or outdoor courtyard to work your own way.

Office Lobby Rendering.jpg
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